Canada’s mining industry is officially in the clutches of USA and China – by Manu Gupta (TFI Global – November 14, 2022)


Mobile phones, cameras, computers, aircraft, LEDs, fighter jets, tanks, and satellite communications systems. All these products need one important ingredient. To function, they are all dependent on rare-earth minerals. And one might easily grasp that anyone in possession of resources that are so crucial, has a clear geopolitical edge.

History tells us that there has always been a race to control valuable resources, and a power struggle over these rare earth minerals is unavoidable in the future. And trust us when we say, Canada will be the centre of this colossal geopolitical struggle.

A few weeks ago, Justin Trudeau made the decision to raise the bar for foreign entrance into Canadian vital mining sector. The government intends to toughen laws to make it much more difficult for foreign state-owned enterprises to invest in Canadian critical minerals companies.

It added that the transactions involving investments by state-owned corporations into Canadian critical-minerals companies will only be permitted on an “exceptional basis.”

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