British Columbia: 25 years after the Delgamuukw case, the fight for land is more contentious than ever – by Angela Sterritt (CBC News British Columbia – November 15, 2022)

Judges ruled that Indigenous people had ancestral land rights but stopped short of declaring Aboriginal title

Twenty-five years after the Delgamuukw verdict was handed down, First Nations’ leaders behind the historic case are still ruminating about how the land they fought for is still largely in the hands of the Crown.

“I thought the fight would have been over, but 25 years later, here we are still fighting,” said Dimdiigibuu, also known as Ardythe Wilson.

Dimdiigibuu was one of five speakers representing the Gitxsan and the Wet’suwet’en during the Delgamuukw vs. British Columbia trial, where the two nations fought to have their land title recognized.

She says government’s refusal to affirm Indigenous people’s title to the land is, in part, why there are still conflicts over land among Indigenous people, governments, companies and police and why the Crown still controls almost 90 per cent of land in Canada.

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