Poland Is Facing Mounting Energy Insecurity – by Haley Zaremba (Oil Price – Oct 25, 2022)


Poland, one of the most coal-dependent nations in the world, has slowly and steadily been working its way toward decarbonization. In 2010, 86.6% of Poland’s energy mix came from coal-fired power. In 2021 that number had dipped to 70.8%.

On the one hand, this is a major improvement which deserves recognition. On the other hand, 70.8% is still very, very high, and poses a major hurdle for the European Union’s decarbonization goals – not to mention the entire world’s progress toward meeting the targets set by the Paris agreement in 2015.

According to climate projections as well as the European Union’s own goals to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, now is the time to double down on decarbonization and invest heavily into renewable energies. Such a transition was going to be difficult for Poland in any scenario, but Russia’s war in Ukraine has made it much, much harder.

While Poland is one of the biggest coal producers in Europe, the Eastern European country has become increasingly dependent on cheap Russian imports in recent years.

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