Fortress North America – by Diane Francis (Diane Francis Blog – October 20, 2022)

Germany’s decision to scrap nuclear plants by the end of 2022 made the country – Europe’s engine of growth – dependent on Russia for energy, facilitating Vladimir Putin’s energy blackmail and war against Ukraine. The nuclear ban, promulgated by Greenpeace, never made sense because nuclear technology is safe and emissions free.

But anti-nuke criticism was stoked by Moscow as was this month’s OPEC price hike designed to kick the West and developed world in the teeth as they cope with war, costly sanctions, and energy hyper-inflation. Finally, Berlin reversed course this week and announced its nuclear plants will reopen indefinitely, a policy shift also undertaken by oil-poor Japan.

The world now realizes that energy is the lifeblood of all nations and Russia’s energy games and atrocities is going to result in a post-war world divided into alliances based on access to safe sources of energy.

Sitting atop it all will be North America with a resource endowment that represents the ultimate competitive and geopolitical advantage going forward. Only Fortress North America, based on energy independence and further development, can counteract the world’s petroleum villains.

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