Diane Francis: Canada is a lightweight nation – by Diane Francis (Financial Post -October 17, 2022)


OPEC kicked the United States, the West, and the world’s poorest nations in the teeth recently with oil production cuts that will raise prices to help finance Russia’s war against Ukraine and Europe. And what has Canada done to help allay this situation, given that it is a country with one of the biggest oil and gas reserves on the planet?

There’s no indication that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau phoned President Joe Biden immediately offering to help the global economy and war effort by shipping two million more barrels of oil a day to the U.S. Has he offered to build a natural gas pipeline and LNG projects in Eastern Canada to help Germany and Europe permanently replace Russian gas?

Instead, Trudeau turned down Germany which was hoping to get a deal to import LNG from Atlantic Canada. But Australia did not and within days of rejection by Canada, German utility Uniper signed an enormous deal with an Australian company to bring in more natural gas.

Even Norway, another virtue-signalling petro-giant, has boosted production to help Europe fight against Russia’s war against Ukraine and the continent. Ducking an opportunity to help defeat Vladimir Putin is hardly surprising given that Trudeau’s regime has destroyed all but one of the 18 proposed LNG projects in Canada in the past decade with its destructive, anti-resource agenda.

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