Canada’s ‘tenuous hold’ in Arctic could be challenged by Russia, China, says top soldier – by Murray Brewstar (CBC News Politics – October 18, 2022)

Gen. Wayne Eyre said that while the threat isn’t immediate, it’s out there

Canada’s hold on the outer reaches of its Arctic territory is “tenuous” and will face significant challenges from both Russia and China in the future, the country’s top military commander warned a parliamentary committee on Tuesday.

Gen. Wayne Eyre, the chief of the defence staff, told the House of Commons defence committee — which has embarked on a study of the country’s security posture in the region — that the Far North does not face an immediate threat.

“Right now, today, we don’t see a clear and present threat to our sovereignty, not today, not this week, not next week, not next year,” Eyre said. “However, in the decades to come, that threat, that tenuous hold that we have on our sovereignty, at the extremities of this nation, is going to come under increasing challenge.”

He emphasized the need to follow through on Defence Minister Anita Anand’s spending commitment, announced in June, to support the modernization of NORAD and continental defence and the establishment of an undersea network of surveillance sensors.

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