Mining battery vehicle expert speaks to importance of training – by Len Gillis ( – October 3, 2022)

If you plan on running battery vehicles in mining, you will need properly trained maintenance technicians and vehicle operator

Sudbury’s Mike Mayhew, a leading consultant on the role of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in mining, said education and training are the next key steps to the evolution of implementing BEVs in global mining operations.

Mayhew was one of the key speakers at the Maintenance, Engineering and Mine Operators Conference in Sudbury, where part of the focus was discussing the role of BEVs in the Canadian mining industry. The event was hosted by the Sudbury branch of CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum) and was held at Science North.

Mayhew, the founder of Mayhew Performance, said while battery-powered mining vehicles are no doubt the way of the future, it is not simply a matter of selling off old diesel-powered mining equipment and buying all new BEVs. He said part of his role is to help mining companies decide on how to put new BEV mining operations into reality.

Mayhew said there are many obvious economic and safety benefits to having battery-powered vehicles, but the overall mine design and infrastructure has to be considered before bringing in new trucks, new loaders, huge batteries and charging equipment.

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