Six of the Latest Trends in Bridal Jewelry – by Francesca Fearon ( – September 2022)

1. Vintage cut revival

Some may herald emerald-cut diamonds as this year’s most popular style for engagement rings, outranking other favorites like cushions and rounds, but it is interesting to see just how much designers are experimenting with older cuts. They are reviving vintage shapes like the marquise — a cut that dates back to the 18th century and is a favorite of Chicago jeweler Catherine Sarr at Almasika, who takes inspiration from its elliptical silhouette.

“It is a beautiful shape that I can follow naturally to create new settings, such as the east-west design I’m currently experimenting with,” she says.

Designer Anna Sheffield, known for her unconventional designs and materials, recalls that “when I first started designing with marquise, my vendors were excited to see that I could move these stones, which had been outliers for some time.”

The marquise also appears at Phillips House in Miami, Florida, where CEO Derek Frankel points to “a huge spike in demand for antique-inspired cuts such as long cushion brilliants, modified marquises, shields, kites, step-cut pears and ovals” — all of which the jeweler specifically highlights in its bespoke collection.

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