Pirie wants to see Ontario return as the world’s No. 1 mining jurisdiction – by Andrew Autio (Timmins Daily Press – September 26, 2022)


Exploration expected to shape Northern economy in coming years

Timmins MPP and Ontario’s Minister of Mines George Pirie told a crowd that the province’s economy will be largely shaped in the coming years by mineral exploration in the North, and that it will be the key to transforming into a greener future.

On Friday at the Ramada Inn, the former mayor and veteran mining executive was the keynote speaker at the latest instalment of the State Of Mining series hosted by the Timmins Chamber. “As we transform from a fossil fuel-based industry to one that is based on batteries, you’re not going to be able to turn the key off in one day,” he said.

“We have to mine those minerals; they have to come out of the ground.” Pirie said a strategy that marries the rare earth mineral potential of Northern Ontario with the manufacturing power and further potential of Southern Ontario is crucial.

“It’s a perfect partnership. It’s a marriage that works. Ontario has every single thing that is required to transform this economy.” The crowd was made up primarily of local businesspeople and economic stakeholders, and Pirie encouraged them to continue and even ramp up efforts to promote the area to potential investors and developers.

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