Baffinland jobs safe for now – by David Venn (Nunatsiaq News – September 22, 2022)

Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. has pushed back the date it was to start letting go its Mary River mine employees. The move came Thursday after the Nunavut Impact Review Board issued a positive recommendation on the company’s application for a higher iron ore shipping limit.

The mining company can prevent “potential significant adverse ecosystemic and socioeconomic effects” if it improves adaptive management and monitoring programs, board chairperson Marjorie Kaviq Kaluraq wrote in a letter to federal Northern Affairs Minister Daniel Vandal Thursday.

The final decision on whether to approve Baffinland’s application to ship six million tonnes of iron ore this year, instead of 4.2 million tonnes, will be made by Vandal. The company had warned earlier this year that without the higher limit, it wouldn’t have any work for its employees and would begin to let them go.

Baffinland had scheduled its first round of terminations for Sept. 25 — on Sunday. With NIRB’s announcement, that has been pushed back to Oct. 20 which is when Vandal had “indicated” he will be able to make his decision, Baffinland spokesperson Peter Akman said Thursday.

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