The timing is finally right for Quebec’s lithium miners – by Alisha Hiyate (Northern Miner – September 14, 2022)

Quebec, more than any other province in Canada, has been ahead of the curve in working to join the EV economy. Its vast hydroelectricity infrastructure gives it an advantage in clean, low-carbon energy that is essential to “green” manufacturing, and it has supported the nascent battery industry with significant public investment.

It was also the first to outline plans for critical minerals exploration and production as well as for the development of a complete battery supply chain in-province — from mining through processing to manufacturing.

Premier François Legault’s government is targeting $7 billion in private and public investment in the lithium battery sector over a decade, with companies including BASF and General Motors already announcing new facilities.

Even the vaunted Tesla is reportedly looking at setting up in eastern Canada, with Quebec a strong contender to host a new Tesla facility, according to the website Electric Autonomy. Despite that downstream investment, Quebec still doesn’t have a producing lithium mine to feed into the provincial battery supply chain.

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