Shuttered Cape Breton coal mine restarts operations after two-year closure (Canadian Press/Toronto Star – September 14, 2022)

DONKIN, N.S. – A Cape Breton coal mine that was shuttered two years ago amid slumping coal prices and repeated government stop-work orders following roof falls has resumed operations.

Nova Scotia’s Labour Department says inspectors with its occupational health and safety team were on-site Tuesday as work began at the Donkin coal mine. The department says it will continue to conduct regular announced and unannounced inspections at the underground operation.

It says work was allowed to proceed following a review of operational safety plans that were submitted by the mine’s owner, Kameron Coal Management Limited.

In March 2020, Kameron Coal said it decided to cease production due to “adverse geologic conditions.’’ The decision followed a roof fall on Feb. 13, 2020, in which no one was injured, but the Labour Department suspended operations and sought remediation plans.

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