Canada’s new oil is battery power — but Trudeau must act now – by Joanna Kyriazis and Brendan Sweeney (Toronto Star – September 10, 2022)

To realize this once in a generation opportunity — with up to 250,000 jobs to be had — the federal government must launch a national battery strategy dealing with everything from our raw materials to EV assembly

Batteries are evolving. No longer just something that needs changing in your TV remote, batteries are fast becoming the engines of the global economy. In a decade’s time, chances are it won’t be gas that powers your car — it will be a battery.

The battery is the most valuable part of an EV, and by 2030, the International Energy Agency predicts we could see a hundred times more EVs on the road than there were in 2020.

If Canada plays its cards right, it has the potential to build a domestic EV battery supply chain that could support up to 250,000 jobs by 2030 and add $48 billion to the Canadian economy annually.

That’s according to new modelling from Clean Energy Canada and the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing, which explores how Canada can build out its battery supply chain and the economic potential of this industry.

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