Breaking through Trudeau’s obfuscation on LNG – by Derek H. Burney (National Post- August 30, 2022)

So, let’s try to get some things straight. About the time Vladimir Putin chose to invade Ukraine, Canada decided to veto Énergie Saguenay’s proposed LNG export facility in Northern Quebec, a project intended to enable exports to Europe.

One month later, the natural resources minister Jonathan Wilkinson said, “Our European friends and allies need Canada and others to step up.” He added “They are telling us they need our help in getting out of Russian oil and gas in the short term.”

When it was announced that the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz would visit Canada in August, many assumed that LNG exports would be high on the bilateral agenda. Implausibly, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau all but ruled out any such prospect, focusing instead on hydrogen — a technology that has not yet been developed significantly in Canada.

Along with a pledge on hydrogen, the two leaders signed agreements to cooperate on supply chains for electric vehicles. Raw materials will come from Canada assisting EV vehicle production in Germany, but none to be produced in Canada.

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