Opinion: Laurentian must turn its legacy into a new vision for the future – by Nadia Mykytczuk (Sudbury Star – August 30, 2022)


Among other steps, LU should focus on being ‘Canada’s mining university’

As we get closer to the vote on Sept. 14 that will ultimately decide the fate of Laurentian University following a grueling, agonizing and, at times, nasty CCAA process, I find myself torn between our collective struggle to find closure, the empathy I feel for those whose lives were turned upside down, and mourning what we have lost in our Laurentian and Sudbury community.

As one of the terminated faculty, I have lived the pain of losing my job, my hard-earned academic career, and tenure. Even more difficult has been seeing many of my colleagues and their families leave our wonderful community.

Although there have been many challenging days since the restructuring, I chose early on to focus on finding a way to stay in Sudbury and be part of the rebuilding process. Sudbury is a special place and after moving here 17 years ago, I want to see this community thrive again despite the difficult road ahead.

Overcoming devastation is something for which Sudbury is well known. Laurentian was a key stakeholder in our community’s effort to regreen the blackened rocks and restore our damaged environment after 100 years of severe mining impacts – something many thought was beyond repair. Our community’s ability to work together and get the job done is what has made Sudbury the green and livable “mining town” we enjoy today.

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