Northern Ontario MPs unhappy region stands to losing riding under redistribution plan – by Mia Jensen (Sudbury Star – August 22, 2022)

Representatives across Northern Ontario’s federal ridings intend to fight a proposed redistribution of federal electoral districts that would result in the region losing a seat. The proposal, released last week by the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario, would bring drastic changes to Northern Ontario.

Based on the proposal, the region would lose one seat and ridings in the northeast — including Sudbury and Nickel Belt — would be dramatically overhauled. Nickel Belt would disappear and be replaced by the riding of Nickel Belt-Manitoulin. The newly constituted riding would take in part of Greater Sudbury, Elliot Lake, and Manitoulin Island.

The Sudbury riding would remain, but with altered boundaries. It would take in parts of the former Nickel Belt riding, such as Valley East, Chelmsford, Garson, Coniston, and Capreol that now belong to the Nickel Belt riding.

Meanwhile, the Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing riding would split up completely, with region within it absorbed into surrounding districts. Carol Hughes, who currently represents the district at the federal level, said she was “very disappointed” with the proposed changes in northern Ontario.

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