Environmentalists Have Turned On The Lithium Industry – by Felicity Bradstock (Oil Price.com – August 25, 2022)


The world is preparing for a lithium boom, mainly due to the anticipated increase in EV production and uptake over the coming decades. Several celebrities and tech billionaires are backing lithium mining in a bid to support a green transition.

In addition, many countries are rapidly developing their mining capabilities to establish their place in the global minerals and metals market, which is expected to expand significantly over the next decade.

However, environmentalists are concerned with the damage the rapid expansion that mining operations could cause to the environment. In addition, a spate of viral social media posts has brought negative attention to a mineral that the public knows little about, beyond hearing it in the context of lithium-ion batteries.

If we are to expect substantial development in the lithium industry in the coming years, greater awareness must be raised around the minerals industry so producers and manufacturers can gain public support and encourage consumer market expansion.

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