This Australian billionaire wants to be the world’s green hydrogen baron. He’s pushing Canada to join him – by Adam Radwanski (Globe and Mail – August 19, 2022)

Mining mogul Andrew Forrest made billions by building an iron ore empire. Now he wants to help to save the planet by transforming his company into a global leader in a carbon-free future

Australia’s second-richest person does not wait long to begin proselytizing, after taking his seat for an interview on a New York patio. “We’re commercializing the beginning of the end of global warming,” he proclaims.

Andrew Forrest, mining baron turned green prophet, is talking about his push to become the world’s dominant producer of emissions-free hydrogen – a nascent energy source that he believes will unlock a revolutionary shift away from fossil fuels to power heavy industry planet-wide.

Sipping warm tea on a hot summer day, to the slight confusion of staff at the Peruvian restaurant where he’s set up camp with a half-dozen staffers before speaking at a nearby conference, he’s soon explaining where Canada fits in.

The country has the potential, he says, to produce enough hydrogen domestically to fuel its own industry – “all the processing plants, fertilizer, steel, artificial methanol, artificial aviation fuel, you name it.” But that would just be a “fantastic way stop.”

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