Ireland’s hidden ‘gold mines’ that people speculate could be hiding great riches – by Clare McCarthy (Irish Mirror – August 21, 2022)

Ireland may not be well known for mining precious metals but Irish gold mining history dates back for centuries and there’s still lots of gold to discover. In 2018, a huge discovery of gold worth €546million was found near the village of Clontribet in County Monaghan by a mining company, Conroy Gold and Natural Resources.

Gold has also been found at a number of locations in County Wicklow and County Tyrone and old Irish place names with ‘ór’ in them, meaning gold, could be clues to some ancient sources of gold.

So where are Ireland’s hidden ‘gold mines’ and is there one in your county?

Goldmines River, County Wicklow

The Great Wicklow Gold Rush took place for about six weeks in September 1795 when word got out that there was gold to be found in sand and gravel of the Goldmines River near Woodenbridge.

Hundreds of local men, women and children came with household equipment to dig and sieve for gold and a huge amount of gold was discovered.

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