Mining company says Nova Scotia approved bid to raise tailings dam at Gold mine (Canadian Press/Atlantic CTV News – August 11, 2022)

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia’s Environment Department has approved an application from the owners of the Touquoy gold mine to raise the height of the wall of its existing tailings waste pond.

Australian-based St Barbara’s proposal to raise the tailings wall has been opposed by environmental groups, such as the Ecology Action Centre, which have voiced concerns about the potential for a dam breach.

But the company issued a statement Wednesday saying modifications to its industrial permit will allow it to proceed with construction “in the coming weeks.”

CEO Craig Jetson said the outcome was the result of improved “co-ordination and communication” with the provincial and federal governments. “I am keen to continue to develop the new collaborative approach with the government which helped with the delivery of today’s permit,” Jetson said.

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