Climate extremists perpetuate eco-colonialism in the Guardian and Narwhal – by Melissa Mbarki and Chris Sankey (MacDonald Laurier Institute – July 26, 2022)


RE: “How a conservative US network undermined Indigenous energy rights in Canada,” published in the Guardian and the Narwhal. July 18, 2022, by Geoff Dembicki.

To the Editors of the Guardian and the Narwhal:

On Indigenous rights, the Guardian and the Narwhal have sided with the racists, paternalists and colonialists who have decided that they, and they alone, know what is right for Indigenous peoples and have done so via an article filled with falsehood and innuendo designed to discredit our work.

Indigenous people have a long history of having their rights and liberties denied through colonialism and its legacies. Outsiders who asserted the “superiority” of their own culture sought to impose their world view on us.

As a result, we were denied the right to vote, the right to govern our own affairs, the right to raise and educate our own children, and more. Canadian society is slowly coming to see that government paternalism and colonialism are wrong, although the path toward real reconciliation is slow and painful.

We are now facing a new and disruptive strand of colonialism: eco-colonialism. This is perpetrated by climate radicals who believe that their ideology justifies denying Indigenous communities the right to speak for themselves and denying them access to opportunities that the colonizers have enjoyed for centuries. Eco-colonialists, like the author of the Guardian/Narwhal piece, apparently do not believe that our communities should determine our own future or control our own lands for our benefit.

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