Elon Musk Suggests Tesla’s Next Gigafactory Might Be In Canada – by Dan Mihalascu (Inside EVs – August 5, 2022)


This is the second time Canada is mentioned as a potential location for the next Gigafactory; official announcement to come this year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on August 4 that an announcement regarding the next Gigafactory could be made later this year.

During a speech at the Gigafactory Texas meeting dubbed Cyber Roundup, the executive talked in detail about Tesla’s vehicle assembly plants. He noted that Tesla opened two new factories this year—Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg and Gigafactory Texas—that are both building the Model Y, with the latter being the only Tesla facility that makes Model Ys powered by 4680 battery cells laid out in structural packs.

The topic of future Tesla production facilities inevitable came out, as Musk has said for years that Tesla would build more Gigafactories. However, he never went into much detail about their locations, although there have been rumors about Tesla planning a second manufacturing in China or new ones in northeastern US, India, and more recently Indonesia.

During the Cyber Roundup, Musk said that Tesla “might be able to announce another factory location later this year.” When the audience asked for hints about the location, Musk asked them where Tesla should build it. After the crowd of investors shouted out suggestions, Musk said the most heard suggestion was Canada.

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