[Diamonds by Marijan Dundek] Manual refresh – by Phyllis Schiller (Rapaport Magazine – August 2022)


The newly updated edition of industry reference book Diamonds takes readers on an in-depth journey through fancy colors, famous stones, and a case study of the 603-carat Lesotho Promise.

For author and diamond consultant Marijan Dundek, diamonds are, simply put, “one of nature’s true marvels.” They were “created deep beneath the earth’s surface billions of years ago by the forces of heat and pressure. They are rare, have unique properties and are highly prized, yet are born from the most basic element that is common to all life: carbon,” he says.

Dundek has the knowledge to back up his admiration for diamonds; he studied them in Antwerp at the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and worked at jeweler Graff Diamonds for many years. He shares that expansive knowledge in his recently updated book Diamonds.

Clarity first

From the beginning, Dundek’s goal in writing the volume was “to help professionals in the jewelry industry, the general public, and prospective buyers of diamonds” understand these natural stones and “the main factors that determine their value and quality,” he explains.

To that end, the text is “written in clear and jargon-free language,” and the images “show diamonds in their full range of cuts, shapes and colors, along with some of the world’s most stunning contemporary and historic diamonds.”

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