Our allies need more access to Canada’s natural resources – by Candace MacGibbon (Globe and Mail – July 25, 2022)


Candace MacGibbon is a Canadian mining executive.

Russia has weaponized the supply of natural gas. The state-owned energy company Gazprom has ratcheted down export quantities to Europe and said it can’t guarantee future supply, resulting in serious concerns about shortfalls for the approaching winter.

Last week, the European Commission joined the G7 in agreeing to ban imports of Russian gold. Is Canada ready should future sanctions ban critical minerals such as copper, nickel, lithium and uranium? Not yet.

The German government asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last month to supply critical liquid natural gas (LNG), but Canada’s systemic failures to build pipelines to export oil and gas meant we were unable to respond to this serious need.

Consequently, Germany’s coal plants have been reopened, increasing greenhouse gas emissions even as the world strives to hit aggressive net zero targets. This geopolitical climate has European lawmakers rethinking energy security, voting recently to classify forms of nuclear and natural gas power as “green” energy.

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