Ten financial actors own half of the world’s oil, gas, coal emissions – study – by Staff (Mining.com – July 24, 2022)


Ten financial actors with the most influence on the fossil fuel economy own 49.5% of potential emissions from the world’s largest energy firms, a recent study has found.

In a paper published in the journal Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, researchers from Canada, France and New Zealand take a deep look into the CU200, which are the 200 Carbon Underground firms that own 98% of global fossil reserves in the form of oil, gas, or coal.

Following their analysis, they found that the companies that could play a decisive role in helping de-carbonize the future are US-based investment advisors Blackrock, Vanguard Group, State Street Corp., Dimensional Fund Advisors, Fidelity Investments, Capital Group Company, together with India’s State Government and Life Insurance Corporation, as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Norway’s Norges Bank.

Other players in the top 20 include America’s JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc., HDFC Asset Management, Geode Capital Management and the Bank of New York Mellon, India’s Adani, Gautam S., the Russian Federation and China’s Shaanxi Coal & Chemical.

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