Mark Selby has CO2-eating rocks in Timmins – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – July 20, 2022)

Canada Nickel provides proof that its Crawford Project can sequester carbon

Canada Nickel Company CEO Mark Selby often points out that the rocks of his ultramafic-hosted nickel deposits, north of Timmins, spontaneously soak up carbon dioxide (CO2) when exposed to air.

Now the Toronto-based junior mining company is providing the lab results to back up his claim. For a couple of years, Selby has been pitching its Crawford Project and the Timmins area as an up-and-coming district for the North American electric vehicle sector to source a domestic large-scale and low-carbon supply of nickel.

And to please the government permitters, Canada Nickel has also been promoting Crawford as a future net-zero carbon emitting mining and processing operation that would add exponential value to the coming low-carbon regulatory environments in North America and the European Union.

Canada Nickel Company revealed this week the results of a lab test program for a new method of accelerated carbon capture called In Process Tailings (IPT) Carbonation that it maintains has “transformative” potential.

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