Sudbury mining innovation centre plans world’s first underground exhibition – Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – July 21, 2022)

Mine supply vendors will showcase their equipment at action at NORCAT’S Mining Transformed show in September

Nowhere else in the world can you go to see state-of-art mining technology being put to work in an underground mine so that buyers and investors can check out the goods and services up for sale.

An event called Mining Transformed is currently being planned for Sudbury from Sept. 26-29 by NORCAT and will be the world’s first tech exhibition in an underground operating mine. Already the sellers have bought up all the available exhibition space at NORCAT”s Underground Centre, a mine located in Levack on the outskirts of the city.

NORCAT is a Sudbury-based technology and innovation centre geared to health and safety training and product development and assistance to companies predominately working in the mining industry.

Now the challenge is, how do you accommodate 150 visitors to the mine in three and a half days when you have to effectively give each person a whirlwind safety orientation, outfit them with regulation coveralls, safety-toe boots, belts, hard hats, safety glasses and hearing protection?

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