Can Canada’s mining industry deliver on growing demand? – by Pierre Gratton (Timmins Daily Press – July 18, 2022)

Pierre Gratton is the President and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada.

By now it is a foregone conclusion that in order for net-zero to be achieved the increased adoption of low carbon technologies is essential, with mining propelling the current seismic energy transition.

Electric cars cannot exist without lithium, nickel and cobalt, nuclear energy without uranium, wind turbines and solar panels without copper, zinc, iron and steel making coal.

The enhanced understanding that mining has a significant role to play in the green tech revolution has led Canadians to show greater enthusiasm than ever before for the industry.

In fact, in polling recently completed by Abacus Data, support was found to be at an all time high, with 80 per cent reporting that they have a positive feeling about producers of minerals and metals in Canada and 84 per cent giving mining companies in Canada a good or acceptable performance in contributing new materials for use in greener and cleaner technologies.

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