As Europe bakes, Germany reckons with a return to coal – by Kamyar Razavi (Global News – July 19, 2022)

Europe is scorching. Temperatures across parts of the continent are soaring to dangerous highs again on Tuesday. The high for London will be close to 40 degrees. Berlin will hit 35.

Amid what’s been an intense, dangerous heat wave, there are difficult conversations happening across Europe about the future of energy, and how to prevent even more damage to the planet by burning fossil fuels.

By their own admission, a growing number of the world’s energy companies say they need to transition to renewables. “The future (of) power generation definitely belongs to renewable sources,” acknowledges Guido Steffen, a spokesperson for RWE, a major German energy company.

But in Europe right now, gripped by heat, the exact opposite is happening. Major countries like Germany and the Netherlands are turning to coal to ensure they have enough power to keep the air conditioning running, and, in a few months, the heat on.

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