Nationalize LATAM’s Lithium to Become Global Power: Evo Morales – by Fernando Mares (Mexico Business – July 13, 2022)

Former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, urged lithium-producing countries to take advantage of what he calls the decline of the US as a superpower to nationalize the lithium industry. By doing so, the Latin American region could play a major role in the world’s economics.

“The west does not want us to add value to our natural resources. If we industrialize the peoples’ lithium in the hand of the state, we could be global powers, at least in this environment,” Morales said at a conference at the El Rosario University in Argentina.

Morales referred to the Argentinean, Chilean and Mexican cases, since the countries are thought to hold over 68 percent of the global lithium reserves. He mentioned that the region is reorientating its position, as the US is losing influence.

Morales said that the US is “in decline” and cited the Summit of the Americas, where some countries protested the US’ decision to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from the summit. This could provide countries with the opportunity to redefine their position in the global economy.

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