Sudbury Reforestation-Marking an ‘amazing’ makeover – by Mary Katherine Keown (Sudbury Star – July 8, 2022)

Jane Goodall and Justin Trudeau plant 10 millionth tree in Sudbury

Bell Park played host this week to a living legend, and her stuffed monkey friend.Dr. Jane Goodall was in town on Thursday, along with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to plant the 10 millionth tree in Greater Sudbury’s 40-year-long regreening campaign.

“For many years I’ve been travelling around the world, talking about the importance of protecting our beautiful environment,” Goodall told the large crowd assembled at the William Bell gazebo.

“We’re part of the natural world; we’re not separate from it. Every breath we take and every mouthful of food we eat, and every drink – we depend on the natural world. We depend on healthy ecosystems. Every plant and animal has a role to play. To see the way the regreening of Sudbury has progressed is absolutely amazing.”

An enthusiastic crowd greeted Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and a UN Messenger of Peace, with raucous applause and cheering. When she arrived to the gazebo at Bell Park and as she sat listening to other speakers, Goodall held a stuffed monkey – complete with banana – in her hands.

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