‘We really want to find a long-term solution’: Canada inches toward permanent storage of radioactive waste – by Gabriel Friedman (Financial Post – June 18, 2022)


Report suggests two Ontario communities have what it takes to store nuclear waste

Canada has moved one step closer to finding a permanent spot to store the millions of bundles of radioactive waste that have been generated in the nearly half-century since it started producing nuclear energy.

On Thursday, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO), a Toronto-based non-profit created by Parliament that has been scouring the country for storage spots since 2010, released reports that detail why it believes two communities in Ontario could safely store radioactive nuclear waste for time immemorial.

The list of potential spots has been narrowed from 22 communities to just two: the Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation-Ignace area in northwestern Ontario and the Saugeen Ojibway Nation-South Bruce area in southern Ontario.

“The larger plan, of course, is (to build) a deep geologic repository where you put the fuel in a stable underground location,” Paul Gierszewski, director of Safety and Technical Research at the NWMO, said. “It would be surrounded by various barriers, and … (would) hold the fuel while it just sits there, and its radioactivity passively decays away.”

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