A way forward for mineral explorers and Indigenous Peoples – by Michael McPhie and Christy Smith (Northern Miner – June 13, 2022)

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Relationships between the mineral exploration and mining sector and Indigenous peoples within Canada and around the world vary across a broad spectrum — from respectful and mutually beneficial to antagonistic and harmful.

We see these diverse variations play out on a global stage and how companies navigate this increasingly complex socio-political environment is a primary factor in whether a project advances. Leading companies have embraced this reality and recognize the importance of effectively engaging, building and sustaining meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities.

Getting it right is not easy though and, like the diversity of Indigenous history and cultures around the world, there is no one right way to pursue this goal. There are, however, some key ideas and examples of how to create conditions for positive relationships to be built with the foundation being respect, knowledge, understanding and the recognition of Indigenous rights.

What is meant by economic reconciliation?

In its 2015 final report, the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) defined reconciliation as “establishing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in this country. For that to happen, there has to be awareness of the past, acknowledgement of the harm that has been inflicted, atonement for the causes, and action to change behaviour.”

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