Mining the Northwest: North shore booming with mine building and mineral exploration – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – June 9, 2022)

Critical, high-tech minerals activity surging from Thunder Bay to Marathon

Lake Superior’s north shore remains abuzz with exploration and mine construction activity, spurred by high gold prices and the global demand for critical minerals.

Gold mining has historically been the region’s economic backbone as Greenstone Gold Mines is plowing ahead with construction of a new open-pit operation outside Geraldton this summer. But exploration firms are putting in the groundwork to discover and prove up industrial and high-tech metals as well.

Metallum Resources is eager to put the former Winston Lake zinc mine near Schreiber back into production as early as next year. Meanwhile, Nuinsco Resources is taking a hard look at its rare earth metals property near Terrace Bay can be developed as a quarry.

Scattered around the region there are a handful of junior mining hopefuls who have entered the fray to see if they can deliver the next wave of mines. The Hercules Gold Project is proving to be a target-rich environment for Vancouver’s Gold’n Futures Mineral Corp working ground near the town of Jellicoe.

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