American OEM automotive industry’s big problem with lithium … and why Elon Musk is wrong. – by Jack Lifton (Investor Intel – June 7, 2022)

There isn’t enough lithium mined, and there can never be enough lithium mined and processed into end-user forms economically, to replace the use of fossil-fueled internal combustion engines in the powertrain systems of the current one and one-half billion personal and mass transportation vehicles with electric motors powered by rechargeable lithium-ion type storage batteries.

I think that most of the managers of the global OEM automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding industries know this, but they are powerless in the face of the demands of politicians who have given in to the greens who are unaware of the limitations of physical natural resource production and processing for non fuel minerals, and who rely on the advice of narrowly and poorly educated and just plain dumb “experts” who have credentials but no experience of business operations, real-world economics or even rudimentary geology.

The more often these experts repeat such mantras as “settled science” (to prove that climate change is caused by or can be remedied by human activity) or proclaim the unlimited resources of “earth abundant minerals” (to prove that non-fuel natural resources are unlimited) the more destructive their ignorance impacts our cheap energy based (which they neither see nor understand) standard of living and quality of life.

In order to preserve their industry and their high paying jobs long enough until they can safely retire, the current top managers of the global OEM automotive industry have accepted the economic power and poison of the green energy “transition” in making their decisions rather than the free marketplace.

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