Sudbury miners look to fill the critical minerals demand and supply void – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – May 30, 2022)

Looming battery electric vehicle demand has Glencore on a metals recycling kick

As much as Ontario is ready to reap the rewards of the anticipated boom in battery electric vehicles (BEV) in the next 10 years and beyond, the move to go green is not as rosy as it might seem.

That was revealed during the two-day BEV conference held at Science North in Sudbury to explore the future of the BEV industry. On the first day of the conference, it was revealed the province has a virtual treasure trove of all the right minerals — nickel, lithium, cobalt, and copper — right here in Northern Ontario.

The conference also revealed the harsh reality that most of that supply is still in the ground. It hasn’t been mined yet. Or, it hasn’t been recycled yet. But big efforts are underway to get at those materials by both Vale and Glencore, two of the leading mining companies represented in Sudbury.

Adam MacMillan, the manager of Strategy and Strategic Prospects for Vale Base Metals told the Sudbury conference the demand for battery-related minerals is so great right now that Vale cannot do it alone. That’s despite the fact that Vale is the largest integrated nickel operation in North America.

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