Alberta town endorses community developed policy saying no to coal mining in Rockies – by Colette Derworiz (Canadian Press/CTV News Calgary – May 25, 2022)

A southern Alberta town has become what it says is the first municipality to endorse a community-developed policy that calls for a permanent ban on new coal exploration and development in the Rocky Mountains.

“We’ve always wanted to keep our involvement in continuing this fight until we’ve reached the finish line – and we’re a long ways away from that yet,” Craig Snodgrass, mayor of High River, said in an interview Wednesday.

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society said High River has joined 30 organizations in signing a document called “A Coal Policy for Alberta – 2022 and Beyond.” Katie Morrison, executive director for the southern Alberta chapter of the society, said the document draws on a resolution made by the town of High River last year.

“It really did address clearly how we could address the concerns of Albertans and permanently prohibit coal in Alberta and immediately make that step,” Morrison said. The policy, she said, outlines ways to deal with Albertans’ concerns by saying no to new coal exploration and mines, phasing out existing coal mines and coming up with a remediation plan for lands disturbed by mining.

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