JV Article: The mining industry ‘needs to do a better job telling its story on climate-related risks and opportunities,’ says Manifest Climate’s Pete Richardson – by Staff (Northern Miner – May 9, 2022)


Increasingly, financial regulators and investors are focused on ensuring that mining companies are prepared for the risks and opportunities of climate change.

However, the consequences of climate change for the mining industry “are informed by a complex and evolving dynamic, which presents both threats to the way the industry operates and significant business opportunities as the world pushes toward decarbonization,” says Pete Richardson, head of research at Manifest Climate.

“While the industry is responsible, directly or indirectly, for significant amounts of greenhouse gases and remains vulnerable to the impacts of a changing climate and less predictable weather, it also plays a crucial role in the economy and provides the materials essential to the global transition to a low-carbon future.”

Manifest Climate traces its roots back to 2009 as a consulting firm. In 2015, the company transitioned to a SaaS+ (software as a service) climate-focused business intelligence platform with the aim of helping the mining sector and other industries better understand, manage, and disclose climate-related risks and opportunities.

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