Sudbury, Northern Ontario well positioned to reap the global rewards of the electric vehicle revolution – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – May 9, 2022)

The global nickel squeeze should turn the world’s critical mineral attention on this region, says mining columnist Stan Sudol

The big splash agreement that Elon Musk and his Tesla car company made last week with Brazilian miner Vale should have a ripple effect in the nickel-rich Sudbury basin and across Northern Ontario, according to a Toronto-based mining columnist.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to highlight the enormous potential of the Sudbury basin for clean, low-carbon nickel,” said Stan Sudol, owner of the Republic of Mining website, who heaped praise on the Tesla CEO.

“Elon is someone who thinks out of the box and by solidifying a secure supply of clean nickel he’s ensuring that Tesla continues to be one of the most innovative electric vehicle manufacturers in the world.” On May 6, Tesla and Vale finally confirmed a rumoured deal floating around for months that Canadian-mined and processed nickel from Sudbury and Labrador will be used in the manufacture of Tesla electric vehicle batteries.

Neither company revealed the dollar value or length of the agreement other than it being a multi-year deal. Two years ago, Musk was urging mining companies to produce more nickel to expedite the transition of the world to electric vehicle transport and clean energy, and to address the coming supply squeeze.

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