EDITORIAL: The president wants more mining — or does he? (Las Vegas Review-Journal – May 4, 2022)


President Joe Biden’s energy policy consists of catering to progressive greens while pretending for voters that he’s doing everything he can to fix the damage he’s caused by catering to progressive greens. His recent executive order on mining represents more of the same incoherence.

A few weeks back, the president signed a measure invoking the Defense Production Act of 1950 to boost domestic production of minerals — lithium, cobalt, nickel — critical to clean-energy technology. Yet it’s anything but clear that the White House actually wants these minerals out of the ground.

Less than three weeks after signing the order, however, the administration revoked a Trump-era regulation intended to eliminate the red tape that delays transportation, energy, mining and other projects. This was done with much fanfare and applauded by liberal environmental groups.

Those same groups, while claiming to support a switch to renewables, regularly oppose energy and mining endeavors necessary to make the transition. For instance, two proposed Nevada lithium mines — which would tap a resource vital to the production of EV batteries — face multi-faceted opposition on environmental grounds.

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