A Point in Time – by Jane Werniuk, P.Geo. (Canadian Mining Journal – May 5, 2022)


Celebrating Canada’s mining history and the 140th anniversary of Canadian Mining Journal – one of Canada’s oldest continuously published magazines

When this publication was born in 1882 (no, Marilyn Scales and I were not around then!), it was a very slim newsletter named The Canadian Mining Review. Within five years it had taken on a hot-headed and bold young Scottish cricketer/editor, B.T.A. Bell.

He not only transformed The Review into a national must-read monthly, but organized and energized the fledgeling mining groups across the country. He tried his best to rout out the scoundrels, while cajoling the country’s politicians and associations to get together.

In researching for this article, I dove down many rabbit holes and came up extremely impressed with the work of Bell. He was my predecessor as editor by a century (he started at The Review in 1887, while I started at CMJ in 1986).

This piece is a timeline pointing to the major events and mining camps that have shaped Canada’s mining industry to 2022. It was hard to choose the keepers, but boiled down to an intense discussion with my husband George Werniuk (P.Geo.). The sidebars are memories from a few of the many former editors.

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