Toronto’s Li-Cycle leapfrogs miners in the green transition by focusing on recycling metals – by Gabriel Friedman (Financial Post – April 30, 2022)

Canada has a long history of mining, but recycling may end up providing a faster source of metals

Canada is often described as the best place to look for the immeasurable amounts of copper, nickel, lithium and other metals that will be needed to build the electric vehicles of the future. Known deposits litter the country, and there are no shortage of miners with the wherewithal to pull them out of the ground.

But Tim Johnston, a 36-year-old serial entrepreneur, who spent a decade advising the largest mining companies in the world, spotted a totally different, untapped source for metals: recycling.

Canada’s mining companies have struggled over the past five years to bring on new supplies of metals. They are beset by fundraising challenges, local opposition to new mines, construction mishaps, and the extremely long odds in finding rich metal deposits hidden beneath the earth’s surface.

Johnston, executive chairman and co-founder of Toronto-based Li-Cycle Holdings Corp., bypassed all of that by deciding to tap into the green transition by creating a recycling company. Li-Cycle is now well on its way to erecting one of the most significant new sources of copper, nickel and lithium in North America.

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