Sudbury election file: City has key role in critical minerals, Green candidate says -by Staff (Sudbury Star – April 30, 2022)

The Ford government “kneecapped” Laurentian University and its ability to conduct mining research and development when it was needed the most, the Green Party’s Sudbury candidate says.

Referring to a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, David Robinson said the world must cut emissions to fight climate change. A key part of that is the need for critical minerals for such things as batteries used in electric vehicles.

“The world needs Sudbury metals, and it needs the Sudbury brain trust that has built a global reputation in the mining supply sector,” Robinson said. “We have a world-class cluster of talent here. It is critical that the Ontario government recognizes the role of Sudbury in fighting climate change.”

Robinson suggested Laurentian could play a role in the search and use of critical minerals. However, Laurentian is insolvent and has been restructuring for more than a year to get its finances in order. The restructuring has led to program and staff cuts. Critics say the Ford government has not done enough to help Laurentian through its crisis.

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