Why does Ottawa’s ‘Green Bond’ program exclude nuclear, one of the cleanest of all energy sources? – by Tim Armstrong (Toronto Star – April 23, 2022)


So far, the federal government hasn’t explained why nuclear energy has been excluded from its recent ‘Green Bonds,’ loans to expand sources of clean energy in Canada

The federal budget, recognizing the urgent need to fight climate change, includes new, positive incentives for the development of clean energy.

But the nuclear energy leadership, labour, and management alike, raise serious questions as to the budget’s failure to remove the sector’s exclusion of the right to apply for funding under the government’s $5 billion Green Bond Framework (GBF).

As background, let’s look at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s enthusiastic commitments at the global Paris meeting in 2015.

Trudeau committed the government, as Harper had done before him, to reducing Canada’s gas emissions by 30 per cent from their 2005 levels by the year 2030, and to ussue a pan-Canadian Framework on climate change within 90 days of the end of the conference.

It was not until August 2017, however, that the pan-Canadian Framework was released by Canada for provincial and territorial consideration.

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