Ontario to aid northern industrial sectors with energy costs – by Sarah St-Pierre (CIM Magazine – April 22, 2022)


With the Northern Energy Advantage Program, Ontario doubles down on a shift towards green industry

Through its recently unveiled Northern Energy Advantage Program (NEAP), the Ontario government is aiming to strengthen Northern Ontario’s industrial sector by bringing down its electricity costs and building towards net-zero emissions.

Under the program, which is a revamp of the former Northern Industrial Electricity Rate (NIER) program, participating companies will receive rebates of $20 per megawatt-hour on electricity costs.

By reducing energy costs for the industrial sector, the government says that NEAP will aim to foster well-paying jobs in northern Ontario and maintain global competitiveness, as well as build a stronger climate for global investment.

To match these objectives, the new program widens the range of businesses eligible for partnership and increases government investment in the program from $120 million per year to over $176 million by 2025-2026. NEAP builds on Ontario’s new set of strategic priorities, which capitalize on critical minerals development, battery assembly and electric vehicle manufacturing, among other things.

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