What some see as the real reason behind Russia’s battle for Donbas – by Allan Woods (Toronto Star – April 20, 2022)


It is a region with complex and bloody history — and resource wealth

It’s a Russian battle for resources that has been cast as a humanitarian crusade, in the view of some.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has presented his bid to control the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine as an attempt to save Russian-speaking souls trapped in a foreign and hostile land.

But the frontlines of the battle, which began Tuesday, just happen to run along the lines of untapped natural gas reserves that lie beneath the bloodstained earth.

“They are large enough to create total competition for Russian gas in Europe,” says Marko Stech, director of press and scholarly publications with the University of Alberta’s Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

“If Ukraine starts to exploit them, it can supply the gas that Europe needs, and then Russia becomes obsolete.”

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