Revival Of Nuclear Energy Will Spark Uranium Market – by Jon Markman (Forbes Magazine – April 11, 2022)

War in Ukraine is causing an energy reset. Western governments are rethinking dependence on Russian oil and gas, and it is a big opportunity for investors.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last week that Britain will begin developing small scale, modular nuclear power plants. The new energy path is a big win for uranium assets. It’s time for investors to consider buying Cameco Corp. (CME).

The emergence of nuclear as a clean energy source seemed unlikely. Nuclear power has been derided for four decades. The number of plants globally peaked in 1996 when 17.5% of all electric power was generated in those facilities. Since then public has opinion soured and the political will to keep plants open waned.

The downfall of nuclear energy was caused by a combination of events. Environmental movements gained global traction in the 1970s and nuclear energy was the perfect bogeyman. Radiation poisoning was invisible and lethal.

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