All eyes on Sudbury’s ‘Frontier’ with new lithium project – by Ian Campbell (CTV News Northern Ontario – April 7, 2022)

It was a packed house at Bryston’s in Copper Cliff on Wednesday as members of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce came out to hear the latest on lithium. Specifically, they were there to hear from Frontier Lithium president Trevor Walker, who touched on the company’s plans to develop the Pak deposit in northwestern Ontario.

The Sudbury-based company could soon become one of the biggest lithium suppliers in North America given the value of the deposit at Pakeagama Lake. “We’re blessed to also have former Chief Bart Meekis of Sandy Lake First Nations on the board of directors,” said Walker.

Since he gave his last update, a lot of things have changed for the company. Lithium, along with nickel, have seen relatively large price swings and is now a metal that is very much in demand.

It’s one of the key ingredients in the lithium-ion battery as the automotive industry continues to make a transition from fuel to electric vehicles. “Here we are at just a mere two years later, at a very exciting time for all of Ontario and this is about bridging north and south and all Ontarians together,” Walker said.

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