U.S. Wants More Oil From Canada but Not a New Pipeline to Bring It – by Timothy Puko and Vipal Monga (Wall Street Journal – April 5, 2022)


Biden administration officials are seeking ways to boost oil imports from Canada, people familiar with the situation say, but with one big caveat—they don’t want to resurrect the Keystone XL pipeline that President Biden effectively killed on his first day in office.

The people said deliberations are in early stages and that no clear-cut solutions have emerged. Canada could export some more oil via rail, according to analysts and others familiar with the situation, and it could also pump more oil by increasing pressure on existing lines or by installing larger pipelines along permitted routes.

Those options, however, offer limited potential because rail transport is expensive and existing pipelines are at or near capacity. Longer term, Canadian officials and oil-industry analysts say expanding the existing Keystone pipeline network would offer a bigger, more efficient solution.

The XL expansion was to carry 830,000 barrels a day of Canadian crude from Alberta to Nebraska, where the pipeline would meet up with the existing Keystone pipeline, and then on to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

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