P.E.I. farmers struggle to plan ahead as fertilizer costs double – by Tony Davis (CBC News Prince Edward Island – March 28, 2022)


Russia a major exporter of some fertilizer nutrients, sanctions causing shortage

Farmers on P.E.I. will be paying more to get their crops started this year as the cost of fertilizer skyrockets. Russia is a leading producer of some of the nutrients that go into mineral rich fertilizer needed to produce commercial-sized yields on the Island.

“We’ve seen the cost of potash go from around $570 in the fall last year … per tonne, upwards of $1,300 dollars per tonne now,” said Donald Killorn, executive director of the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture.

Russia is the leading producer of potash, which adds potassium to fertilizers, and also a leading producer of urea, which is used to add nutrients to fertilizers, Killorn said. “There’s no end in sight. They continue to climb in price today. So, you know, next year’s crop is on track to be even more expensive than this year’s.”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting sanctions put on Russia for its actions have resulted in a shortage. Killorn said with the cost of production going up, the cost of food will also go up, with price increases being passed on to the consumer.

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